Civil Engineering

Road Design

BHSE professionals have vast experience and knowledge to complete a comprehensive roadway design and construction package.  We have completed road designs from the inception stages of right-of-way acquirement to construction staking.  Preparation of these road packages have been in accordance with DOT specifications, ASTM standards and AASHTO standards.  We provide sets of construction plans and specifications for deliverables.  Most importantly, we provide an experienced field civil engineering staff, which are the main ingredients for a successful construction project.


 Water and Sewer Study and Design


BHSE provides a wide range of professional services to municipal entities and small construction management for oversight of wells and waste water installation, state and federal permitting through the DEQ, and feasibility studies.  BHSE provides a qualified staff to efficiently complete your design.






Site Design




BHSE staff has extensive experience in land development including grading plans for residential, commercial and industrial site designs.  Our staff specializes in providing solutions to unique topographic and utility challenged sites.  BHSE can provide specialized, cost effective expertise to tackle from simplest to the most complex projects.




Impoundment Design


The success of any impoundment design is proper siting.  BHSE has a highly skilled staff to provide a suitable location to minimize earth work and maximize capacity.  BHSE has designed numerous SW-3 Reservoirs, SW-4 Reservoirs, Safety of Dam Reservoirs, and off-channel pits.  We are your one-stop shop for siting, surveying, design, and construction management.



Other Civil Engineering Services  

Construction Management


Hydrology Studies


Municipal City and County Meetings and Relations


Septic System Design


DEQ Reports

bullet Grading Plans
bullet Open Channel and Closed Conduit
bullet Hydraulic Design
bullet Land Development
bullet Irrigation Systems
bullet Gas and Oil Field Design

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